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We are fundamentally different

We partner with you. We learn your business and work to understand your company's near and long term goals. We help you create a streamlined, cross-functional talent strategy from the bottom up. We do not simply recruit. We help design the tools that enable you to build a best-in-class team. Embedded in our approach is the knowledge that businesses are constantly evolving, so we match our pace to yours.

Recruiting Expertise

We are revolutionizing the recruiting landscape. Collectively, our team has over forty years of recruiting and talent management experience across a range of industries and functions. We employ a variety of tactics to find and attract the best and brightest, and invest significant time getting to know each candidate. We take a critical look at their experience, capabilities and motivation, to support you in building the best team.

Strategic Guidance

We help tailor a strategy to prepare you for the unique challenges you encounter as you grow. We partner with you in establishing a foundation to attract and retain a best-in-class team. We offer guidance on conveying your value proposition, performance and training, and everything in between. Our team positions your business for growth.

Process Optimization

We support growth by helping to streamline the path to achieve your hiring goals. We get key stakeholders in the room and build a process that facilitates calibrated decision making. We arm you with the tools and tactics to effectively interview and assess candidates, and empower you to build an exceptional team.


We're on the ground floor with start-ups and fast growing companies positioning them for success. This exclusive vantage point means we're perpetually deepening the breadth and depth of our knowledge and experience. We offer an insider's view with fresh perspective and objective insights.

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Driving your business forward

Wavetable Labs and several of our companies had 10 open positions. I met with the PeopleFoundry team and had immediate confidence in their ability to help us. The team worked quickly and efficiently to start filling roles. The most remarkable thing was how much of the process they took responsibility for. I was amazed that nearly every candidate PeopleFoundry introduced us to were good fits for our culture and the responsibilities of the position. That saved a huge amount of time for our staff. It is both their full recruiting lifecycle approach and their remarkably good judgement of candidate and company fit that I valued the most.

The next time we have positions to fill, the first thing I will do is call PeopleFoundry, and I have already recommended them to other fast growing tech companies, who have reported similarly positive experiences to me.

Matt Moog, Founder and CEO, Wavetable Labs and PowerReviews

PeopleFoundry has been a critical piece to our success. Their consultative approach has enabled them to not just understand the professional and personal attributes we need, but also recruit a multitude of individuals that fit our needs in a highly efficient manner. Those capabilities have created extraordinary results that have enabled us to grow from 10 people to over 100 people in under 18 months, while still placing a premium on recruiting highly talented individuals. They are a valued partner of Kapow, and one that we highly recommend

Dan McCormick, Founder and COO, Kapow Events

We were thrilled with the service level and consulting we received as part of our relationship with PeopleFoundry. They not only delivered great candidates, but provided us with solid direction on appropriate compensation bands, job descriptions and candidate negotiation. They did all of this more efficiently than what we were receiving using other recruiters.

Rodney Williams, CEO and Founder , LISNR


We are proud of the company we keep